About Us

About Our Brewery

Badger State Brewing Company is an award winning destination craft brewery, tap room, beer garden, and upscale event hall located in the Lambeau Field Stadium District. Featuring a beer-only Tap Room with 24 beers on tap that are all from the state of Wisconsin. The brewery also cans and bottles a variety of beers on site as well.

Facilities also include an outdoor beer garden as well as The Barrel Haus, an event hall capable of hosting wedding receptions, tailgates, and corporate events. Growler and Crowler sales are available during tap room hours. Ticketed tours are offered on Saturday’s – via the event page for a ticket link and more info. We do not serve liquor or wine.


Our Story

With a mission to be a part of and drive their local economy, Andrew found no better location to launch their craft brewery than in the blossoming “Stadium District” entertainment neighborhood at 990 Tony Canadeo Run near Lambeau Field. Utilizing a part of a building built in the 1960’s that stands as the last manufacturing zoned property on Lombardi Avenue, Badger State partnered with local contractors to build a small, buzzing brewhouse and offices. Following a successful first year of operation, the brewery was expanded in mid-2014 and again in 2016. The facilities now include a Tap Room, Beer Garden, and 10,000 square feet of brewing space that houses a 15-barrel brewing system as well as event hall capable of hosting up to 500 visitors.

Flashback to 2012 where the story of Badger State Brewing began… Almost ten years prior to the grand opening, our future Head Brewer and Co-Founder Sam began homebrewing beer in Green Bay, Wis. as a way to enjoy his time outside of work, which caught the attention of his cousin and eventual co-founder Mike. Increasingly intrigued by the brewing process and chemistry involved, Mike steadily watched and began helping Sam brew on weekends.

As Mike began to share his interest in homebrewing with friends, Founder Andrew bought Mike a brewing kit as a Christmas present six months later – a small act of friendship, which later would later bring the three together to take a leap of faith into the craft beer industry. Andrew called Michael and asked if he could teach him more about brewing, and Michael introduced Andrew to Sam during an hot summer afternoon of brewing.

By 2012, with a makeshift, all-grain gravity run system, the three brewed every weekend perfecting their recipes and expanding their love of the craft beer culture. Recognizing the growing pace of the craft beer industry and opportunity at hand, Andrew proposed taking their dedicated hobby and talents to professional careers and compiled a business plan followed by all necessary permits and licenses. Their passion for craft beer and love of the community motivated the opening of Badger State Brewery in 2013, helping lead a new generation of craft beer industry and expansion in the Greater Green Bay area and the State of Wisconsin. Andrew and Sam now run the day to day operations of the brewery along with their talented staff. Fortunately for the gang, Mike now works in Green Bay as an Optometrist an is able to continue to spend free time working at the brewery as well.

Our desire to continuously innovate and brew excellent craft beers is best summed up by our fabled hometown coach: “We will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence.”

Our Name

Badger State Brewing Co. is founded on what makes Wisconsin a remarkable place to live – hard work, community and fun. Whether you were born and raised here or new to the area, Badger State Brewing invites you to be a part of a state rich in culture, tradition and craft beer.


Sam, Andrew, Mike & The Badger State Team