Meet the Team


Sam Yanda

Head Brewer & Co-Founder

A lifetime Green Bay resident and Wisconsinite, Sam, like many professional brewers discovered his love for craft beer when he began home brewing almost a decade ago. Tired of tasteless beers, Sam quickly found he had a knack for recipe development. He has brewed everything from Belgian Tripels to Peanut Butter Stouts. He since then has refined his brewing aptitude during his studies at the Siebel Institute of Brewing Technology. Sam is involved in all aspects of the brewing process from hop additions to cellaring and sales.

Favorite beer style: The one in front of me.


Andrew Fabry

President & Founder

Some people are pot of coffee by day, pint of beer by night kinds of folks- triple that and you have Andrew. Born and raised in Green Bay, Andrew comes from a proud family heritage of small business entrepreneurs and owners. With prior work in distribution, retail and bartending as well as business research and experience from his collegiate studies, Andrew brings a well-rounded knowledge of the beer industry and ideas to Badger State Brewing. Andrew currently handles all day to day operations of the brewery, specializing in marketing, sales, product development, and events. Under his leadership, Badger State Brewing has been able to focus its brewing skills, knowledge and creativity into a business that the community of Green Bay and Wisconsin can be proud of.

Favorite beer style: Barrel Aged Beers, India Pale Ales


Mike Servi

Head of Brewing Technology & Co-Founder

As a graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a degree in Environmental Public Health, Michael brings six years of brewing experience and operations expertise to Badger State. Michael provides extensive academic knowledge with experience in organic chemistry, qualitative analysis and microbiology in addition to training in chemical, air, water and food safety. Michael’s passion and background in both science and craft beer have allowed him to develop multifaceted brewing techniques and processes to create high quality and unique beers. Michael loves the community craft beer inspires and strives to bring its culture to his hometown of Green Bay.

Favorite beer style: Chocolate Oatmeal Stout