Badger State Brewing Co. Becomes 100 Percent Clean Wind-Powered Brewery

We’re thrilled to announce we have partnered with Arcadia Power to become Green Bay’s first 100 percent clean wind-power brewery! The electricity used will be sourced from wind farms in the Midwest, directly helping maintain and grow sustainable energy programs.

“The brewery business plan had renewable energy as a focal point from the start and we are proud to take the lead in making our brewery clean power based,” said Andrew Fabry, President – Badger State Brewing Co. “Wisconsin is home to immense natural beauty from our bountiful lakes to the fields we farm. It is our goal to sustain that landscape so that generations to come can enjoy it alongside enjoying our beers.”

The program is the first step in our plans that immediately reduces the brewery’s carbon footprint and invests in clean energy for the future.

Ken Westphal